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Fashion Assistant


Fashion Assistant is an app designed by fashion designers to help you with every day fashion choices and needs. Plus a little fashion fun thrown in.Once you open the app you can choose an occasion and a mood and browse through the combination of textures and fabric swatches matched to shapes and styles for each occasion and mood. Find the swatch/shape combination you like and then match it to the closest thing you have in your wardrobe. You might choose something in a colour suggested, or a style or even a type of fabric. Over 1000 combinations to choose from and we add occasions and moods regularly. Swatches and shapes updated seasonally.
But if you find you don't have anything to match and would like to extend your wardrobe then you can go to the Shopping by mood for every occasion section and browse the shop where you can actually buy the suggestions. Updated daily.
Or if you just want to get some ideas about what's trending in fashion and in the media and online and from designers than you can check out the Trending Section which also comes with it's own shopping suggestions. Updated weekly, fortnightly and monthly.
And if you really can't find something to wear then you can just visit the Statement Piece section and just wear that. This is the fun section, highlighting the latest fashion to "Make a Statement". Updated daily.
Also now with mini collection of Must have Favorites.
Also new are help files on how to get the most use from Fashion Assistant.
And we plan to add more features in the future so get started with your own Fashion Assistant today.
Don't forget the immortal words of Chanel. "A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous". Get inspired by trends but don't be a slave to them.
Of course we quoted Chanel. It's a Fashion Assistant app. A sign of features to come.
One last thing. Fashion Assistant will show you the local weather to help you.
Natalia Capel